Cool Stuff
Jeep Grand Cherokee

What is It?
Rear DVD-entertainment system

What We Like
For those long family trips, the DVD player will spin Disney flicks all day long. Or, if the kids bring the Xbox along, you can plug it into the accessory jacks and play until they tire out. Best of all, the system comes with a set of wireless headphones so parents can still listen to tunes on the radio.

What We Don't Like
With the system's LCD screen fitted to the headliner, putting it into viewing position obstructs a large portion of the driver's rearward view. We'd prefer to see individual screens in the headrests.

How It Works
Fold down the roof-mounted LCD screen, depress the power button on the console-mounted control panel, and drop in a DVD to play movies, or press the MODE button to activate the accessory jacks to play a video game or share home videos off of your camcorder.