Off-Road Performance
Jeep Grand Cherokee

What is It?
Quadra-Drive II 4WD system. Modes offered: Auto 4WD, 4-Hi (locked), 4-Lo, and Neutral.

What We Like
The Grand Cherokee provides full-time all-wheel-drive safety and security that's seamless in power application. Unlike its competitors, the Jeep offers robust 4x4 capabilities, with low-range gear selection and transmission perfectly matched to the Hemi's powerband. In addition, the transfer case includes a neutral gearless selection, allowing the Grand Cherokee to be easily towed without the need for an expensive flatbed, or its use as a dinghy behind a motorhome. One small item that really tripped our triggers: the standard front airdam that's removable for extreme rockcrawling, gaining a few more valuable degrees of approach angle.

What We Don't Like
We looked long and hard to find fault with the Grand Cherokee's Quadra-Drive II system, but what's not to like? Jeep is one of the few SUV makers that trail-tests its vehicles in mule stage, and the famed Rubicon Trail is the preferred test arena. The Grand Cherokee's optional Quadra-Drive II is arguably the best 4WD system available in a midsize SUV and is the new standard by which all other four-wheel drives will be compared.

How It Works
In full-time four-wheel drive, the Jeep is just as surefooted as the Explorer on gravel roads or slippery pavement. However, the Grand Cherokee really shines when the asphalt ends and the rutted trail begins. On a Quadra-Drive II-equipped G.C., just pull up on the chrome T-handle to lock the system onto four-by mode, or if you want to tackle the Rubicon's Cadillac Hill, press the 4-Lo button to transform the Grand Cherokee into a mountain goat on steroids.