Off-Road Traction Tech cont ...
Toyota Land Cruiser: The venerable Land Cruiser extracts impressive results from its traditional and theoretically out-of-date full-time four-wheel-drive system. The equipment includes a manually shifted 2.49:1 low-range transfer case with an electronically locking center differential to split torque to the front and rear driveshafts. The Cruiser also features a smart traction control setup, stability control, and antilock brakes that detect rough surfaces and steep slopes, reducing the nanny intervention when necessary, for more control.

VW Touareg: The Touareg has all the electronic bells and whistles in a full-time four-wheel-drive package only slightly less sophisticated than the Land Rover's. The air suspension offers six electronically selectable ride heights to go with the 2.66:1 low-range transfer case. Electronically lockable center and rear differentials, combined with traction control, stability control, anti-lock brakes, hill-descent control, and hillclimb assist maximize available grip to the rear tires, offers tremendous traction in right circumstances; however, the computer sensors are quite intrusive.--Dan Carney

Hot Under the Collar
To assist Truck Trend with the Ultimate 4x4 Challenge, our friends at Wolverine provided some of their finest outdoor boots and apparel for the editors. With over 200 years in the leather business and known for quality leather shoes and boots, Wolverine has more recently ventured into rugged work and sporting apparel. The California desert makes its own seasons. It can be summer by day and winter at night. The microfleece lined heavy-duty nylon jackets ensured that we could remain comfy despite chilling wind and plunging mercury. For rock, mud, and sand adventures our feet were shod in Trecker Wolverine Gore-Tex hikers with our rogue female editor sporting the Julia Wolverine waterproof mid-cut hikers. Wolverines are Michigan natives known for their rugged appearance and tough, tenacious nature. Sounds good to us. We appreciate their support.