Modernizing a Classic
by Mark Williams

Toyota Land Cruisers (TLC), of Van Nuys, California, is looking to take advantage of what it believes is just the beginning of a big wave coming. With roots in classic-Toyota restoration, it's decided to put together a special project that answers the questions: What if we updated all the parts and pieces that made the original FJ40 great? What would it look like, and how could someone get one? Called the Icon, this special vehicle is built to order. "Simply put, we've made a classic FJ40 our way, the way we'd want it, and now they're for sale," says TLC owner Jonathan Ward. But it costs considerably more than the classic FJs when they first went on sale in the U.S., and they'll be quite a bit pricier than the 2007 FJ Cruisers when those go on sale this spring. In fact, Icon FJs from TLC will start at $89,000, but no two will ever be alike.