1st Place: Acura RDX
A sport sedan in crossover clothes.

2nd Place: Land Rover LR2
A star off-road that still shines on-road

3rd Place: BMW X3
A track-and-field celebrity charging exorbitant royalties.

4th Place: Lincoln MKX
Too overpriced and overweight to be a real contender.

Sand storm: What the wind's about to blow in...

1. Audi Q5
The goods: 3.2-liter/300-horsepower V-6 engine, seven-speed S tronic, AWD.>
The skinny: The A-4 based CUV will back an FSI engine and dual-clutch gearbox and should resemble the Roadjet Concept unveiled at the 2006 Detroit auto show.
The date: Fall 2008

2. Infiniti EX35
The goods: 3.5-liter/306-horsepower V-6 engine, five-speed auto, AWD.>
The skinny: Based on the G35x, the EX will be the first Infiniti with an Around View Monitor, which uses front-, side-, and rear-mounted cameras to decrease blind spots while parking.
The date: Fall 2007

3. Volvo XC60
The goods: 3.2-liter/265-horsepower I-6 engine, five-speed auto, AWD. The skinny: Sharing S80 underpinnings, the XC60 will boast a City Safety feature- a collision-avoidance technology that functions at speeds up to 19 mph and applies the brakes if the driver isn't paying attention- and possibly the E85-powered 3.2-liter I-6 in the XC60 Concept.
The date: Spring 2009