Upscale features include adaptive cruise control with collision mitigation (warns driver of impending accident, primes brakes, delivers full brake-assist power when driver brakes), blind-spot indication with cross-traffic alert, "neural THX surround sound" that upconverts compressed media like MP3s for improved sound quality, adaptive headlamps, and active park assist. This system locates a parallel parking spot and then handles the steering and shifting while coaching the driver on brake/throttle use. We're promised it's way easier and faster to use than the Lexus system, and it will only be available with the EcoBoost option, as that model gets electric power steering.

Sybaritic interior touches include real wood trim on all four doors and across the dash, luxurious stitched leather-look material on the dash and door uppers (it's more durable and sun-resistant than real leather), one-touch fold-and-flip middle-row seats for easy third-row access, optional heated and cooled second-row bucket seats with electric lumbar adjustment, and a rear-seat entertainment system option with monitors in the front-seat headrests. And we're told the MKT is even quieter riding than the already impressive Flex, thanks to additional aero tuning of the side mirrors and sound deadening in the ductwork to quiet blower noise.