For those who feared that the Lexus GX would go soft and join the ranks of the unibody RX, you can rest easy. At a time when the crossover seems to have taken over the SUV world, the 2010 Lexus GX 460 didn't give in to the trend. Undergoing its first major redesign since it was introduced in 2002, the GX continues on as a body-on-frame vehicle, sharing its highly revised platform with the new-for-2010 4Runner.

While the new GX's dimensions have changed slightly, its wheelbase remains identical to what it has been since the 2003 model year. Overall length is up one inch due to a longer front overhang, it's also 0.2 inch wider, and, even though ground clearance remains unchanged (on Premium models), overall height is down 2.5 to 2.9 inches depending on model. And despite the fact that the GX's wheelbase is the same as that of the 4Runner, the Toyota is longer, about an inch and a half wider and lower, and its track is nearly an inch wider.

Even though a lot is shared underneath, you can't tell from looking at them that the Toyota and Lexus are related. The new GX looks significantly different from the earlier GX as well, with its most noticeable new styling cue being the exaggerated rear fender flares which look as if they were pulled from the LX 570. The front fascia has been cleaned up, the roof rack made smoother and more aerodynamic (cross rails are now a dealer option), and the rear end is cleaner and less cluttered. Both the door handle and window button for the rear cargo door are hidden (even the rear wiper is now out of sight), tucked neatly under the rear spoiler. Overall, the GX looks more sculpted, more muscular.