The GX's cargo door still opens with the handle on the left side, opening to the right; the problem with this style of door is that when the vehicle is parked by a curb and someone is unloading gear, they have to walk all the way around the open door (and closer to traffic). If it opened right to left instead, anyone who got something out of the cargo area would be better shielded from other vehicles on the road. You can, however, stow gear in back through the rear glass, which can be opened with a push of the button near the bottom left corner of the glass or via the key fob.

A big difference for 2010 -- and the reason why the vehicle's name changed -- is under the hood. The GX 460's sole motivator is a V-8, a version of the 4.6-liter engine first introduced in the 2010 Toyota Tundra. (The new 4Runner comes with a choice of either an inline-four or V-6 with no V-8 option.) Intake and exhaust routing are different from the Tundra's, as is lubrication, and in the GX it puts out 301 horsepower and 329 pound-feet of torque (310/327 in the Tundra). And, just as the swap from the 4.7-liter to the 4.6 in the Tundra netted more power and torque plus improved fuel economy, in the GX, horsepower is up 38, torque is up by six, and fuel economy has gone from 14 city/18 highway to 15/20 mpg. The new engine is backed by a six-speed automatic, as opposed to the first-gen GX's five-speed, and Lexus estimates 0-60 times at 7.8 seconds, 0.3-sec faster than the outgoing model. The new powertrain is excellent; although base curb weight has gone up about 450 pounds because of the addition of several standard features. Acceleration is quick, and there is no trouble getting up to speed or climbing steep hills. Shifts are smooth, and there is no hunting on grades. Even with the added power, though, there is no question this is a substantial vehicle, and the 4.7's 263 horses would have been taxed lugging around the added weight that comes with the new model. The added power will most certainly also be welcomed when owners use this vehicle to tow. Maximum towing capacity for the GX remains at 6500 pounds.