With the crossover segment establishing itself as the new hot trend in the U.S. auto market, Hyundai wisely chose to update the Santa Fe with more high-tech features and new, more efficient powertrains.

The most noticeable update hides beneath the Santa Fe's hood, where Hyundai has replaced both engine options with more frugal powerplants. Gone is the 185-hp 2.7L V-6 in favor of Hyundai's new 175-hp four-cylinder engine, which produces 169 lb.-ft. of torque. Though the four-cylinder takes a hit in the power department, down 10 hp and 14 lb.-ft., it makes up for it in fuel economy. Where the old six-cylinder could only manage 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway, the new four-banger returns 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

For those requiring more pull, the Santa Fe's top-range 242-hp 3.3L V-6 has been punched out to 3.5L and now pounds out a much more impressive 276 hp and 248 lb.-ft, up 34 hp and 22 lb.-ft. over the old engine. Where the four-banger's extra mpgs came with a power hit, the new V-6 allows you to have your cake and eat it too, with city fuel economy up by 3 mpg to 20 mpg and highway fuel economy up by 2 mpg to 26 mpg with towing capacity increased to 3500 lbs.