Steering is nearly pinky-light. It's bit more vague than the Escalade's, and not one of the QX56's dynamic strong point. Brakes feel very powerful, and the Hydraulic Body Motion System also keeps squat and dive to a minimum. This system is all about relaxed control, the kind of driving that won't break out a sweat for the vehicle, its driver or passengers.

You'll run out of confidence in the ability of the Infiniti's tires to keep this monster attached to the pavement around a fast corner well below this new system's apparent ability to maintain balance and minimize roll. This exemplifies exactly what the '11 Infiniti QX56 is - a very good vehicle for something so large.

Is there a better SUV in this category? Perhaps not. Do you need or really want something this big? That's a good question.

If you tow up to 8500 pounds, either the rear-drive or the four-wheel-drive QX will handle it. If you have really tall kids, or kids old enough that they should have left home years ago, you'll appreciate the ample second-row legroom, which Infiniti claims is best in class. If your kids' kids are teenagers, they'll find sufficient space in the third row, especially with the seatback reclined (although there isn't room for much luggage behind that third seat).

Infiniti is using "luxury jet" imagery to describe the new QX's interior, which includes rich, supple semi-aniline leather and wood trim with an unusual treatment to make it appear darker around the edges of each panel. There are no fewer than 10 grab handles (including two for the third row), standard heated front seats and heated steering wheel (yay!) with optional heated second row and cooled front row (in a package), choice of second-row captains' chairs or 60/40 split bench back there, advanced tri-zone climate control with a filter that automatically recirculates airflow, and a clear, powerful 13-speaker Bose stereo with a 9.3-gigabyte Music Box hard drive and Bluetooth Streaming Audio. There's also a navigation system with real-time traffic and weather. A dual-screen multi-source playback DVD player with 7-inch color monitors is available to keep the, er, growing kids occupied in back. If the driver dynamics are no more entertaining than any other gigantica-utility, at least you won't get bored sitting around in this sport/utility.