Both the sedan and SUV Police Interceptors feature the usual cop car components. The standard unibody platform features 60-percent high-strength steel, and a hydroformed, high-strength steel tube that runs the width of the vehicle to improve structural rigidity. Body structure is twice as stiff as the Taurus and Explorer. The two models have been crash-tested for rear collision up to 75 mph, a sensitive point, considering some police department complaints about the Crown Vic in rear-end collisions.

Both Police Interceptors have all the usual airbags, including rollover bags.

They have ballistic door panels that absorb up to Type 3 ammunition, and anti-stab plates in the rear of the front seats, so a suspect with a hidden knife can't attack police officers.

The sedan and SUV come with the same 9-inch center console width as the Crown Vic so that police departments can retrofit equipment they already own. The rear seat is vinyl and rubber floor mats replace civilian carpeting. Both back seats are tight for such large vehicles, although the P.I. SUV has a bit more foot space for the suspect than the sedan. The sedan's front seat might be a bit tight for taller police officers, too.

The Police Interceptor comes with six-way power adjustable driver's seat, adjustable pedals, tilt steering wheel, and of course, a column shifter to preserve the precious real estate between the seats, which are designed on the inboard side to make room for holsters.

Heavy-duty components include larger caliper brakes and rotors that can manage more heat, 18-inch steel wheels common to both models, and a full-size spare. The cooling system has been beefed up for twice the capacity.

The two Police Interceptors will carry no Taurus or Explorer badges, and they won't be included in Taurus or Explorer sales numbers. With all the heavy-duty equipment and with the P.I. name, Ford wants to make sure they're sold only to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The company claims no control over where they go on the used car market, so if you're into the extra structure and weight or you own a fleet of taxis, this would be a good time to start supporting your local sheriff.