The Quadra-Trac II four-wheel-drive system provides plenty of confidence in the rough, and it's easy for drivers of all experience levels to operate. It can raise the ground clearance from 8.5 to 13.2 inches, making it easier to clear rocks on trails, or provide a lower ride height from improved wind resistance on the freeway. Quadra-Trac II also allows for excellent versatility on- and off-road. But even with this, testers noted that the LR4's air suspension damping was slightly better tuned, and the Jeep let in harsher impacts. Ride quality in the Jeep was also not as at ease on the freeway, and there was more wind and road noise.

The cabin is comfortable and genuinely attractive. Controls are also more intuitive than in the Land Rover, so the learning curve isn't nearly as severe. But there isn't as much space inside the Grand Cherokee, for people or gear, and the Jeep's maximum towing capacity is 7200 pounds, lower than the Land Rover's 7716.