Some wanted more SUV swagger, or at least a modicum of sexiness, but all were unanimous in slagging the Traverse's low-rent interior.

"Interior plastics have the coarseness of a cheese grater. Disappointing plastics throughout, but at least they're uniform in their mediocrity," said one editor.

"While I like the access to the third row, I'm not impressed by the second row comfort. Others do it better," said another.

Also consistently criticized was the Traverse's OnStar-based navigation system, which looks rather pathetic when compared against the fancy integrated systems of newcomers like the Ford Explorer. Chevy knows this, which is why it offers a touch-screen-based system with rear camera for $1890 on 2LT equipped models.

Still, if you're in the market for a capable, competent people- and gear-hauler, Chevy's best-selling Traverse has a lot going for it. Just don't call it a minivan.