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I really like this vehicle. Not for its crossover virtues, but for the Ecoboost. My parents own a 10 Flex Ecoboost, and with 50k miles, it has been flawless as their NJ to Fl cruiser several times a year. My personal 11 F-150 Ecoboost has been flwaless, after 57k miles of towing and hauling (not my everyday vehicle, but gets a lot of use nonetheless) and so far, after never resetting the ave MPG meter, I am at 17.7 MPG. I tow horses frequently, as well as my 2 Mustangs (66 and 06) quite a few classic car restore jobs, and my toys (quads, parents boat, brothers travel trailer, etc etc) and Ecoboost has been great. Even our families farm 11 7700 XLT Ecoboost has been flawless after 77k miles. I really believe in Ecoboost and hope Ford runs away with the success of them. I know there is a pending "lack of power" issue with them, but so far, of all the ones I have dealt with have been great.

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