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The reason the volume is on the left is because if it were on the right, it would be too close to the actual volume knob on the head unit and that wouldn't make any sense (2 volume controls 5 inches apart).  Also, to assume that most people drive with their left hand assumes that those people are used to driving manuals.  Not many now a days know how to drive those.  Proof?  Check out how many people drive with their left arm hanging out or perched on the sill, or even better- all the smokers with the cig in their left hand.  Finally, the majority of people in the US are right handed, meaning they steer with their dominant hand.  They may switch hands to drink, eat, text, etc....but soon the dominant hand will take back the wheel.  I always hear people complaining about the volume on the left side until I show them how easy it is to reach a few inches to the head unit.  Then the lightbulb seems to go off in their head and then always the same response- "oh, now I get it".

P. S. I like the volume on the left- it gives me choices, but instinctively I tend to go to the right because I have too many years ingrained in my head when there weren't steering wheel controls and we had to reach a few inches to the right to change the volume


like hyundai santafe 2014 full option gas I realize my personal preference may not be the same for every driver. Some people drive with their right hand. Other people drive with both.

Chrysler even puts a volume control button the backside of the steering wheel -- a feature I hope it always keeps.

Of course, there are other much more annoying features found in new cars today because of new technologies, and even Hyundai is guilty of including at least one on its vehicles.

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