There's something gratifying about pulling up next to a Hummer in a factory 4x4 pickup and knowing the H2 driver has to look up to see you. That same feeling of utter superiority also shines bright when you cruise by someone in a big 4x4 dualie--and you're the one towing a 30-foot trailer.

Such are the joys driving one of the biggest, sickest four-wheel-drive pickups on the market--the GMC TopKick or its brand twin, the Chevrolet Kodiak.

The Kodiak/TopKick, built in Flint, Michigan, is the newest medium-duty truck to roll out of the GM Fleet and Commercial stable of trucks and big passenger vans. The truck raised a lot of eyebrows and gained high praise when it made its debut in 2003. It'll get even more looks in 2005, now that four-wheel drive is a factory offering, which greatly increases its off-road abilities.

"The GM-installed four-wheel-drive option is something commercial customers and dealers have been asking for," says Elliott Benson, product manager for the Kodiak C4500 and C5500 models.

"Now that we're offering factory four-wheel drive, this truck should exceed customer expectations across a wide range of industries, including forestry, snowplowing, landscaping, agriculture, tree trimming, utility work, and more. These new models will also meet the needs of consumers who demand four-wheel drive."