The Gibbs Aquada Humdinga 4x4 is the latest arrival in the amphibious-vehicle family. For now, the company is presenting it in the form of a concept vehicle, but its eventual success will depend on the public's response.

This is the second amphibious vehicle this English manufacturer has developed. The first was in September 2003it unveiled a three-seat convertible automobile. Some of the same mechanical components in that car are being incorporated into the next-generation Humdinga 4x4, including steering and an accelerator that can be used on land and in the water and an engine equipped with a propulsion system. The Humdinga is similar in size to a full-size pickup, measuring almost 18 feet long, 72 inches tall, and 78 inches wide, weighing just over 4400 pounds.

Its external styling was inspired by the Lamborghini LM 002. Under the hood, the Gibbs Aquada Humdinga 4x4 is powered by a 5.7-liter V-8, reported to develop 350 horsepower. The Humdinga can reach speeds of 60 mph on the road, 25 mph on the water.

To prepare the Humdinga to switch from use on land to use in water, the driver presses a single button, once in the water. The wheels retract and the vehicle moves by means of a small jet-propulsion system. The steering wheel and accelerator are used for water in the same way they are used on land.

The vehicle can accommodate five: The driver sits front-center, and passengers are staggered on either side for balance, behind the driver.

This concept was built for hunters who travel through fields and forests, using it as a traditional four-wheel drive to get into hard-to-reach terrain. Likewise, when tracking wild beasts to the water's edge, a quick trip into the water will allow scouts to scan the surrounding area for game. Think of this as the ultimate SUV, able to navigate challenging terrain, even when it turns to liquid. Although pricing hasn't been finalized, our guess would be that this vehicle will fall at the high end of the spectrum-maybe in the six-figure range, after currency-exchange rates are calculated. For more information, contact Gibbs Technologies, Ltd., at +44(0) 2476 388828 phone, +44(0) 2476 388868 fax; or check the web at