Don't think for a second that the company's stopping there. From what its design and marketing people are saying (and we may have overheard a few conversations), it's planning on going even smaller, entering the 3/4- and one-ton light-duty segment relatively soon. International was quick to mention it still owns the Scout name, so we're guessing a diesel (maybe hybrid) SUV is in its future. Should be interesting.

The Concept Project XT is a styling exercise. A smaller front grille, more integrated body panels, and a custom high-walled bed (that doesn't have wheelwell humps) are just a few of the proposals that might make it into the next-generation International pickup. In addition, Project XT has a 300-horsepower VT365 engine, dual skylights, a widescreen DVD entertainment system, front and rear cab spoilers, and an adjustable airbag suspension.

The runt of the family and the one most likely for personal use, the MXT should look familiar; it was the cover story for Truck Trend's July/August 2004 issue, as we highlighted the SmarTruck III with all its military sophistication. Eventually, MXTs will be offered with either a coil-link or airbag suspension option in 4x4 and 4x2 configurations. Although technically a preproduction prototype, this MXT is ideally suited for work duties such as ranching, construction, race-car hauling, and boat towing. This prototype has automatic slide-out steps, a custom rollout bedcover, and five fully harnessed racing seats.