Despite the vehicle's immense size and intimidating appearance, it's easy to live with. The 16-inch drop-down power steps, custom-built by KCB Precision in Valencia, California, make sure drivers of any stature can get into the truck without difficulty; once inside, it's as if you're in a customized Super Duty. The gauge layout, shifter, and general feel of the cab are all the same, but on a larger scale. The truck also enjoys custom touches like green-light accents and a PlayStation 2. And all those extra seats.

The truck's ride is unapologetic, as it should be. It's not supposed to feel like a cushy sedan when you're on the road; this is a big, bad medium-duty monster. It rides like a truck, meaning it's designed to be driven while towing or hauling; put heavy gear in the bed, and the ride improves. And, despite its size, it's easy to keep the truck in one lane, as long as you pay attention, as it's not much wider than a typical dualie.

Want a truck like this for your driveway? Overbilt currently offers a five-passenger crew cab version as well as the extended crew cab. If you order a truck from them, you can have it made to your specifications--within reason. Pricing will reflect the options you choose. We can guarantee that if you order one of these trucks, you'll be able to haul just about anything with a hitch, and you'll get a thumbs-up wherever you go. And you don't even need a special license to drive it.