Another Old Favorite
This 1973 Pinzgauer 712m was made by Steyer Puch of Graz, Austria and, like the Unimog, has a rich European military background. The triple-axle military 712 is still used in many military units, but is becoming more popular in the States as a rugged trail rig. Its most unique feature is the absence of a frame chassis. Instead, it uses a heavy-duty tube where all vital driveline/shaft components are protected and enclosed. Most available Pinzgauers are from the Swiss Army, so they haven't seen much action; as a consequence, they're in very good shape. This particular specimen is used regularly for mountain camping trips and off-road-park play dates, as well as towing out buddies. The engine is a stock air-cooled four-banger (sounding very much like an old Beetle), while the six-wheel-drive system has three separate manual-locking differentials. The gearing for this vehicle follows in the footsteps of the (much) larger Unimog, albeit with a single low-range ratio, but is just as much fun to drive. For more information about parts and vehicles, go to