Full Metal Jacket
International first adapted commercial production facilities to produce military vehicles in 1918. Currently it offers a variety of military and government 4x4 vehicles on its 4000, 4200, and 7000 series platforms. Military-spec MXTs offer an enormous variety of configurations based on mission type: convoy protection, ambulance, reconnaissance, command and control, and special ops.

The lineup begins with a choice of standard, extended, or crew cab. The International VT 365 V-8 turbodiesel pushes up to 300 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque through an Allison 2200 SP automatic transmission. Through recent design changes the International powerplant is capable of utilizing JP 8 jet fuel and 20-percent biodiesel.

Many of the final military upgrades are classified, but the unarmored MV and the armored MVA are designed to support remote or manned weapon systems, dynamic electronic system monitoring, easy ingress/egress, and an 18,500-pound GVWR. The MVA's armor systems can be tailored to include door and glass firing ports, roof and rear hatches, and varying crew survivability modes for ballistic, mine blast, and IED threat levels.--Thomas Voehringer