Transmissions will include the GM 4L85E Automatic, the Allison, and a manual if requested. The Bremach has full-time 4x4 with automatic locking hubs and locking center and rear differentials. Both the center and rear diff locks are hydraulic. A front diff lock with mechanical control is available.

A block of eight solenoids controls the locking center and rear differentials and as many as 3 PTO ports from the Bremach transfer case (standard), and from the Allison transmission and engine as options. Standard is a BK 20 four-ratio Bremach transfer box. An optional BK 20 four-ratio box is available.

This is an extreme duty Class 3 truck with a payload capacity of 3.75 tons (7500 pounds) and a GVWR of 14,000 pounds. To handle this load, straight axles are fitted with parabolic heavy-duty leaf springs, double-action gas-charged shocks, and front and rear stabilizer bars. Huge Brembo dual-circuit disc brakes are standard (similar to those used by Ferrari and Lamborghini), and incorporate a Bosch ABS system that allows the ABS to be disengaged. Under heavy loads, a weight sensor modulates the ABS brake bias accordingly. Both 16- and 17-inch wheels will be offered. The T-Rex we tested was running aggressive 37x13.50 R20 LT Nitto Mud Grappler tires, with a maximum load capacity of 3800 pounds at 65 psi.

Not unlike the Mercedes Unimog and the Swiss Bucher Duro, the Bremach T-Rex is a multifunction workhorse. The unique frame of the Bremach uses four-inch diameter steel tubes inspired by aerospace technology. These are welded to an additional subsection for maximum strength and rigidity. Available wheelbases include 102.0, 122.4, and 135.6 inches.

The truck's strong exoskeleton cab is virtually a rollcage. The all-steel cab is mounted on high-strength bushings to reduce vibration. Sound-absorbing thermo-acoustic panels in the steel doors, floor, and firewall further reduce noise. Two- and four-door models are equipped with Bremach fully adjustable suspension seats. Dial indicators adjust to the weight of the occupant.

The basic dash layout is easy to read. A multipurpose center console contains the necessary gauges relevant to the powertrain in use. One option will include a full information screen with backup camera, and multimedia including GPS navigation, music, video, photos, phone, DVD, XM, Internet, weather, WiFi, and full access to the OBD-II engine sensors.