Ford has three suppliers who will fit the interior to meet the cargo area needs of any individual business. One supplier applies logo wraps at the port of entry.

A civilian version comes with full windows and second-row seating for two or three, $21,830 base price for the XL, $23,045 for the XLT. While North America gets a Duratec gas engine and four-speed automatic only, the rest of the world gets a diesel and five-speed manual only. Ford will offer a full-electric cargo van next year in the U.S. with a range of up to 100 miles.

The interior has thin plastic, ride is harsh under light loads thanks to rear leaf springs, acceleration isn't very quick, and the tranny has only four speeds plus overdrive. None of this will matter to most small business owners. What matters is that the Transit Connect is a modern-looking compact truck that will do the style- and efficiency-conscious business owner proud.

Base price $21,475-$23,045
Vehicle layout Fr. engine, FWD, 2-5-pass, 4-door van
Engine 2.0L/136-hp/128-lb-ft DOHC 16-valve I-4
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Wheelbase 114.6 in
Length x width x height 180.6 x 70.7 x 79.3 in
Curb weight 3500-3550 lb
GVWR 5005 lb (cargo), 4965 lb (passenger)
Max payload capacity 1600 lb
Max towing capacity N/A
0-60 mph 11.0 sec (TT est)
Quarter mile 18.5 sec @ 72 mph (TT est)
EPA city/hwy fuel econ 22/25 mpg
CO2 emissions 0.83
On sale in U.S. Currently