With the Scion xB, our crew seems a bit bored-like they've seen this show before. "Bland look and feel," says Nguyen, a junior majoring in accounting, "But still modern. You can pink it up." As an xA owner, she really appreciates the room and power of the xB. So does Gurr, a recent grad and working chemist. "I love the pep," he says and also finds the xB's stereo "very decent," but the HVAC control layout "awkward." Freshmen premed Navarro gives the xB points for the "sweet" gauges and the rear cargo area that becomes "bedlike" with the seats folded down.

"No bueno," is Nguyen's first impression of the Cube. "I don't like the look of the front." Navarro agrees, "The Cube is toylike, maybe too much." On the inside, their views thaw a bit. "Cheap-looking dash, but nice interior space and seats," says Gurr. "Boring, but comfortable. Doesn't represent the eccentric outside," notes Navarro. When it comes time to drive the Cube, all are impressed. "Cube handling is great, turning is smooth," comments Nguyen. "I'm impressed with the Cube," adds Rojas, our other recent grad. "I didn't really think it would drive as well as it does. But I didn't have that high an expectation."

In the same way they've universally panned the Cube exterior, all our collegians absolutely love the Kia's styling. "Exterior is the best; doesn't start off like a box car, has some curve to it," Navarro states. "I like the shape of the windows and taillights," says Nguyen, impressed with the details "I'm a little surprised that I liked the Kia. Stylingwise I think they got it right," Rojas declares.

Inside, the Soul gets high remarks for its sound system and slick two-tone dash. "Nice use of color," Gurr notes. On the road, the reception is warm as well, but without the same level of enthusiasm as the Cube and xB garner.

Before sending our collegiate panel back to their classes and jobs, we ask them which of these players they'd like to own. Without pause, each picks the Soul on the strength of its exterior design. Interesting.