Just as relationships take time to mature and develop, the Windstar continues to woo our staff with its myriad talents and refinement. Generous interior space, strong powertrain, and effective interior design have inspired the most logbook applause. However, the power doors have drawn criticism for being less responsive to electric commands and operating less fluidly than competitors' systems. Another gripe: The not-so-magic rear bench "weighs as much as a cast-iron engine block," writes one burly staffer. All agree, it's a two-person operation to remove. The sliding third row presents a compromise, motivating us leave it forward to increase rear cargo space. We're divided on the front seats, with some staffers finding them neither supportive nor firm enough. As the miles climb, the once-boisterous engine has become more refined and remains quite strong. Though a thirsty vehicle, fill-up range is extensive, with its 26-gallon fuel tank.