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2013 Dynamax Dynaquest Model 340XL Road Test

Dynaquest’s Super-Smooth Super C

Mark Quasius
Dec 12, 2013
The Super C class of motorhomes is gaining popularity. A typical class C motorhome uses a gasoline-powered cutaway van design, with a Super C chassis that incorporates a heavier diesel-powered chassis from the medium-duty truck category. This gives the Super C greater cargo capacity, increased towing capacity, and the ability to expand the size of the RV. Dynamax offers a complete line of Super C motorhomes. The company has a reputation for quality engineering and workmanship and offers floor plans ranging from 34 to 45 feet long.
Dynaquest Chassis
The heart of any motorhome is its chassis. The Dynaquest series uses the Freightliner M2 series chassis, which is custom ordered with a number of upgrades over the typical M2 chassis found in competitive models. Dynamax specifies the larger 8.3-liter Cummins ISC engine, rather than the standard 6.7-liter ISB. This engine is rated at 350hp and 1,000lb.-ft. of torque. The increased torque makes a big difference in pulling power and results in a quieter-running engine. Dynamax also specifies increased insulation in the engine compartment and firewall areas. Larger 60mm Bilstein shocks are added to create a smooth, yet stable ride. Heavier axles and an AirLiner rear suspension also contribute to a smooth ride. A 15,000-pound trailer hitch is standard or get the optional 20,000-pound hitch. The instrument panel is filled with a complete array of instrumentation to keep the driver well informed. Dual 50-gallon sidesaddle fuel tanks and a 6-gallon driver-side DEF tank provide plenty of cruising range.
Photo 2/17   |   2013 Dynamax Dynaquest Model 340XL Interior
Construction Details
The Dynaquest’s 4-inch heavy-duty E-coated steel sub-floor is laid on top of the chassis rails. Urethane isolators separate the sub-floor from the chassis to minimize vibration noise entering the living area and prevent squeaks when driving. The sidewalls are all framed in 1-1/2 inch aluminum structural tubing, which is jig welded. Foam insulation and fiberglass siding is vacuum laminated to create the wall and roof structures. The sidewalls and one-piece fiberglass roof provide a sleek, attractive appearance. A steel cage connects the sidewalls and roof to the front cab and adds strength, safety, and rigidity to the motorhome. Contoured flush-mounted deep-tinted windows are boxed in with aluminum tubing to prevent any possibility of rot.
Dynamax uses HWH hydraulic slide-outs and leveling systems in their units. All of the basement compartments are constructed with E-coated steel for durability. Components like batteries, the 8KW Onan generator, electrical accessories, and the utility bay are all on the driver side. This maximizes storage space on the passenger side, which makes user access more convenient. A pass-through storage bay in the rearmost compartment can handle longer items. An optional 3,000-watt true sine wave inverter, and automatic generator start system, a 50-amp power cord reel and three large group 4D batteries ensure you’ll always have ample (no pun intended) power to operate the various electrical systems in this Super C. Dynamax always specifies better equipment than what is required and the 42,000-Btu propane furnace that heats this coach is a typical example. (An optional Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system is also available.) It is cooled by a pair of 15,000-Btu air conditioners with heat pumps.
The Dynaquest has a huge rear trunk recessed in the rear fiberglass cap, which can be used to store patio chairs, towing gear, or almost anything. It is fitted with lighting and electrical outlets. An optional freezer can be placed in this trunk or even an exterior-mounted LP gas grill. Six bright docking lights in the rear cap light up the area if you need to hook up your trailer or towed vehicle in the dark.
Photo 6/17   |   Bedroom storage consists of a pair of two-third length wardrobes. A Bose sound system complements the LED television in the mahogany cabinetry.
The quality built into every Dynaquest doesn’t stop with the exterior. The interior is trimmed out in style and equipped with the latest technology and quality components. Our particular coach has the “Orient Coffee” interior décor with solid “Desert Clay” seats and dark mahogany cabinetry. Hardwood flooring is standard in the Dynaquest, but our unit was equipped with the optional ceramic tile flooring. Multiplex wiring switch panels, including all-off programmed buttons, are placed in several convenient locations like in the bedroom, near the entry door, and in the cockpit. All woodwork is solid hardwood and available in mahogany, maple, and several cherry tones. The raised-panel doors and cabinetry are all dovetailed to ensure tight fits and longevity. The cabinet doors incorporate Posi-Lock latches. A simple press of the button locks the door and prevents it from opening during travel.
The galley is fitted with Corian countertops with integrated dual-bowl sink and sink covers. A two-burner gas cooktop is standard with an optional electric cooktop. A convection microwave oven is tucked in the overhead cabinetry. The Dream Dinette has a hardwood table that effortlessly lowers, allowing the dual Lexington booth seats to convert into additional sleeping space. A Norcold 10-cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator comes standard.
The living space consists of a Lexington Magic Bed sofa and two Lexington captain’s chairs that can be rotated to face the living area for more seating. Halogen lights were recessed into the deluxe padded ceiling, which also contained a Fantastic vent fan with rain sensor and remote control. A 32-inch LED TV, satellite dome, and Sony Blu-ray Home Theatre Surround System provide plenty of entertainment options.
The split bath was furnished with a Corian lavatory top with integrated sink, a one-piece fiberglass shower with skylight, a Fantastic vent fan, and a deluxe hardwood medicine cabinet. A china bowl macerator toilet features a two-stage flush to ensure adequate waste removal. The large linen closet is prepped for a combo washer-dryer, which can be added at any time. The bedroom is also fitted with a 32-inch LED TV and an optional Bose integrated sound system. Hardwood wardrobes are located opposite the foot of the bed. Deluxe sculpted carpet offers a nice warm floor in the bedroom area.
The cockpit area includes a GPS navigation system, rear- and side-view cameras, and dual-mode courtesy lights that allow you to select white LED lighting or red for nighttime driving. Controls for power door locks and other accessories are conveniently placed in the center dash. The driver and copilot seating is excellent. The comfortable six-way power Lexington seats are mounted on Bostrom air-ride pedestals automatically adjust to the person’s weight and absorb shocks and jolts.
Photo 7/17   |   The comfortable Lexington hide-a-bed offers an air mattress bed when needed.
Driving Impression
Driving the Dynaquest is enjoyable. I’m used to driving class A bus-style chassis in which the driver sits forward of the front axle. The extended hood and front axle of the Dynaquest made me feel I was driving a big SUV. The Cummins ISC engine effortlessly moves the coach through the gears, and I noticed it shifts at lower RPMs than other Super C coaches with a smaller ISB engine. The lower revs, plus the additional insulation Dynamax adds to their coaches, kept the engine noise down to a low, comfortable level. Coming from a rear-engine diesel pusher I expected the noise to be more like other front-engine motorhomes I’ve driven, but the Dynaquest was so quiet I was pleasantly surprised.
Handling is crisp and responsive but did not compromise the ride. Dynamax’s addition of massive 60mm Bilstein shocks absorbed every bump in the road, resulting in a smooth and comfortable ride. The Lexington seats are super comfortable and a cut above the brands usually found in motorhomes. The air-ride pedestals are a treat. Just sit down and press the lever to adjust the seat to your weight. When encountering a huge dip or bump, the seat removes the jolt by allowing the seat to move vertically like a big soft shock absorber. The comfortable cockpit seating, suspension, and visibility means you can drive this coach all day without tiring.
The shape of the cab resulted in reduced wind resistance, which lets the Dynaquest slip through the wind quietly and with ease. The cab overhead is aerodynamically clean and allows the air to gently glide over the top of the RV. The fuel fillers are hidden behind rotating fuel doors flush mounted into a contoured leading edge that blends the sidewalls into the cab. All of these aerodynamic improvements contribute to improved fuel economy. Although we didn’t have enough time to do an accurate assessment of fuel economy, other owners report an average of 10 to 12 miles per gallon.
Dynamax is uncompromising in their construction and design and sweats the details to provide the best possible product. If you are looking for a well-built and well-appointed motorhome with plenty of power and towing capacity, plus respectable fuel economy, the Dynaquest is worth a serious look.
Photo 11/17   |   A flip-forward fiberglass hood makes it easy to access the engine for service work.

2013 Dynamax Dynaquest Model 340XL
At A Glance
Base Price $324,301.20 (MSRP)
Standard Features: Intellitec multiplex wiring system
Norcold 10–cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator
32-inch LED TV in main living area and bedroom
Lexington captain’s chairs with air-ride seat pedestals
42,000-Btu LP furnace
On-demand tankless LP water heater
50-amp electrical system
Automatic generator start
Optional Features: “Russet Ridge” exterior color
“Orient Coffee” interior with solid “Desert Clay” seats
Dark mahogany cabinetry
Global positioning system
In-Motion satellite dome
Rear-view and two side-view cameras
Bose integrated sound system in bedroom
Lexington hide-a-bed with air mattress
Girard power awning
Fully automatic leveling system
Dual 15,000-Btu air conditioners with heat pumps
Power cord and hose reels
20,000-pound hitch
Trimark keyless entry
8,000-watt Onan generator
Three 4D AGM batteries
3,000-watt true sine wave inverter
Price as Tested $353,566.55 (MSRP)
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR): 33,000 lbs
Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 54,000 lbs
Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): 7,167 lbs
Wheelbase: 243 in
Overall Length: 34 ft, 11 in
Overall Width: 101 in
Overall Height: 12 ft, 5 in
Interior Height: 7 ft
Fresh Water: 85 gallons
Gray Water: 44 gallons
Black Water: 44 gallons
Chassis: Freightliner M2 series
Tires: Michelin XZE2 Series 275/80R22.5 14-ply Load Range G
Front Axle Capacity: 12,000 lbs
Rear Axle Capacity: 21,000 lbs
Brakes: air brakes, drum type
Fuel Tank: 100 gallons
DEF Tank: 6 gallons
Trailer Hitch Capacity: 20,000 lbs
Engine: Cummins 8.3-L ISC diesel, 350 hp, 1,000-lb ft torque
Transmission:Allison 3,200 TRV six-speed automatic



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