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Newcomer: 2008 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Super Crew

Packing a 450-horse Punch Wearing a Black Tie.

Mark Williams
Sep 10, 2007
Photographers: The Manufacturer
Where have all these 450 horsepower F-150s come from? First Saleen showed us the S331 Sport Truck (see the July/August issue of Truck Trend), then Shelby revealed its GT 150 (also in the July/August issue). Following that, Ford announced its Chip Foose F-150, and now the truckmaker's released the newest product of the Ford/Harley alliance. There must be something in the water in Dearborn.
Similar to the current 2007 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150, which is also based on a 5.4 liter V 8 SuperCrew F-150 Lariat, the newest model will have a few important changes. To begin with, the 2008 will be the quickest, most powerful Harley F Series truck to date, due in large part to the Saleen-developed inverted twin-screw supercharger, reported to produce 450 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. This is the same system Saleen uses on its S331 Sport Truck. The supercharger option adds about $6500 to the total price and requires that the truck be rear drive. The suspension is unchanged with the exception of unique shock absorbers, revalved to deal with 22 inch aluminum wheels and monster high-performance tires. Contributing to the aggressive look are body-color bumpers and trim pieces with several large Bar & Shield badges (actually larger than the Ford logo) and raised-chrome lettering on the bed.

Photo 2/2   |   2008 Ford Harley Davidson F150 Supercrew exterior View
Inside, the Harley uses King Ranch-quality leather, but it's all in black. Again, Harley badging is used liberally throughout the cabin: console, shift lever, dash, window trim, etc. A special gauge cluster sits atop the center stack so driver and passenger can keep track of boost pressures and core temperatures. Another cool unique interior feature is a new glossless black paint, typically used for exterior trim pieces. It's dull and glossy at the same time.
The 2008 S/C Harley will weigh in at just under 5600 pounds with towing numbers 1000 down from a stock SuperCrew Lariat--the new model is rated to pull a 6000-pound trailer and carry 1100 pounds of payload (300 pounds down from stock). It drives off the line a lot like the Saleen S331, with the same smooth ramp-up of power that starts to pull around 2000 rpm and climbs well past 5000. The supercharger feels strong and smooth, without the harsh slams into gear we've experienced in trucks equipped with other non-OE supercharger kits. And not so obvious (in fact, noticeable only when looking under the hood), you almost can't tell it has a supercharger--all factory hoses and inlet ducting are in place. Even the filter's in the stock setup for easy access. Base models will start at $38,185, but expect supercharged versions to list for $44,635--not a bad price for a 450 horsepower black-tied monster. Look for a new Super Duty Harley-Davidson edition to come out soon as well.
2008 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Supercrew
Base price $38,185
Price as tested $44,635
Layout Front engine, 2WD, 5-pass, 4-door pickup
Engine 5.4L/450-hp/500-lb-ft s-chg'd SOHC 24-valve V-8
Transmission 4R75E 4-speed auto
Wheelbase, in 139.0
Length x width x height, in 223.8x78.9x73.4
Curb weight, lb 5600 (mfr)
GVWR, lb 6700
Payload capacity, lb 1100
Max towing capacity, lb 6000
0-60 mph, sec 6.5 (mfr est)
EPA fuel econ, city/hwy, mpg 13/18 (MT est)
CO2 emissions, lb/mile 1.31
On sale October 2007
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