Associate Online Editor Scott Evans also spent time on the road in the Tucson, and has mixed feelings about the Hyundai. "It looks good, it's got a decent amount of space, and it gets good gas mileage. Power is better than I remember it being as well. On the other hand, the steering is subpar, probably my least favorite of any Hyundai, with its videogame feedback. The ride is a bit unforgiving for a road-biased people-mover, and I cannot describe my irritation with the front seats. I understand the necessity of anti-whiplash headrests, but these go to the extreme. I'm unable set the seatback where I prefer it because the headrests are poking my head and forcing me to look down. As a result, I have to recline the seats farther back than is comfortable just so I can look straight ahead when my head is against the headrests."?