We've had our 2011 Truck of the Year winner for four months, and drivers have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of diesel smell, lack of diesel clackety-clack rattling, and lack of black smoke-and pleased that there's no lack of power. This truck is fast, quickly getting up to speed when merging onto the freeway, and strong. It can be relied upon to haul huge loads and could tow a house (we exaggerate a little-maybe a just mobile home). The interesting side effect of the absence of diesel odor was that it exposed another smell: the plastics in the cabin. According to associate editor Allyson Harwood, "The gases smelled exactly like a child's toy. Who knew that a heavy-duty truck interior could smell like a Wets 'N Wiggles baby doll?" But after a couple weeks, that effect subsided and the truck's interior took on a more neutral aroma.