Every day, more and more people are turning on to trucks. Whether they’re using them for daily transportation, hauling or towing duties, or customizing them, trucks are undoubtedly more popular than ever. As more people embrace trucks as everyday vehicles, manufacturers like Chevrolet are making trucks more versatile to suit the wants and needs of the consumer.

The Chevrolet Avalanche is one such vehicle. Designed for people with an active lifestyle, the Avalanche can take you from the boardroom to the boardshop to the mountaintop with equal ease. Based on the Suburban chassis, the Avalanche is more than an SUV or a truck could ever be. Powered by Chevrolet’s proven 5.3L Vortec V-8 and a four-speed automatic coupled to its Autotrac four-wheel-drive system, the Avalanche has the power and agility to take you almost anywhere. With its reconfigurable Convert-a-Cab system, the Avalanche can be changed from one configuration to the next quickly and easily without tools.

The bed of the Avalanche is topped with its removable three-piece cargo cover. Each piece can be removed individually and stored on the sides of the bed. Its locking tailgate is made from Pro-Tec composite material and is lightweight, rustproof, and highly dent and scratch resistant. The corners of the bumper feature handy steps that, when used with the built-in grab handles in the bed corners, ease entry into the cargo area. Behind its roomy first and second row Suburban-style seating, the Avalanche departs from the norm. Just aft of the second seat is the innovative Midgate. The Midgate separates the cab from the bed and, when folded down with the rear seat, allows the Pro-Tec-lined bed to be reconfigured from its standard 5-foot, 3-inch length to a full 8-foot, 1-inch length. The rear window is removable and can be stowed in a special pocket built into the Midgate for open-air cruising. The extra space can also be used for hauling tall objects such as a quad or motorcycle.

The Avalanche is full of surprises, like the handy storage bins that run along the edges of the bed. They provide plenty of room for smaller items that tend to get in the way when out on an adventure.

Its aggressive styling and rugged design are immediately apparent, whether you’re dropping the kids off at rockclimbing school or delivering building materials to your mountaintop retreat. Although the Avalanche is currently a one-off show vehicle, there are rumors that it could see production in the near future.