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View listings of Audi Q5 trucks for sale below, or enter your zip code to find listings in your area. Truck Trend's truck classifieds section allows you to find a used 1961 Audi Q5 near you, compare vehicles, and more to find the perfect used truck for you at a price you can afford.
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PhotoYearTruck ModelPriceColorMileageEngine
2013 Audi Q5 20T Premium Newton New Jersey2013Audi Q5$29,988.00 43255Inline 4
2012 Audi Q5 32 Premium Plus Edison New Jersey2012Audi Q5$29,985.00 49475V6
2012 Audi Q5 20T Premium Maplewood New Jersey2012Audi Q5$29,900.00 43748Inline 4
2010 Audi Q5 Bellmore New York2010Audi Q5$29,750.00 34500V6
2011 Audi Q5 32 Parsippany New Jersey2011Audi Q5$29,594.00 36229V6
2012 Audi Q5 32 Premium Plus Parsippany New Jersey2012Audi Q5$28,594.00 44391V6
2012 Audi Q5 20T Premium Elmhurst New York2012Audi Q5$27,800.00 40846Inline 4
2011 Audi Q5 32 Maplewood New Jersey2011Audi Q5$26,995.00 66251V6
2011 Audi Q5 20T Jersey City New Jersey2011Audi Q5$26,995.00 75436Inline 4
2012 Audi Q5 32 Premium Plus Middle Village New York2012Audi Q5$26,500.00 69007V6
2012 Audi Q5 32 Premium Plus Newton New Jersey2012Audi Q5$26,488.00 66063V6
2012 Audi Q5 20T Premium Parsippany New Jersey2012Audi Q5$26,000.00 41992Inline 4
2010 Audi Q5 Newton New Jersey2010Audi Q5$25,988.00 58310V6
2012 Audi Q5 20T Premium Parsippany New Jersey2012Audi Q5$25,794.00 59894Inline 4
2011 Audi Q5 20T Lindenhurst New York2011Audi Q5$25,771.00 69058Inline 4
2012 Audi Q5 20T Premium Newton New Jersey2012Audi Q5$25,488.00 51431Inline 4
2010 Audi Q5 West Chester Pennsylvania2010Audi Q5$25,100.00 67596V6
2011 Audi Q5 32 Moonachie New Jersey2011Audi Q5$24,990.00 69910V6
2010 Audi Q5 Woodside New York2010Audi Q5$23,977.00 57064V6
2009 Audi Q5 North Wales Pennsylvania2009Audi Q5$23,977.00 83153V6
2012 Audi Q5 32 Premium Plus Jamaica New York2012Audi Q5$23,490.00 63769V6
2010 Audi Q5 Parsippany New Jersey2010Audi Q5$22,000.00 62031V6
2009 Audi Q5 Norwalk Connecticut2009Audi Q5$21,500.00 73903V6
2009 Audi Q5 Ridgefield Connecticut2009Audi Q5$21,500.00 64458V6
2009 Audi Q5 Newtown Square Pennsylvania2009Audi Q5$19,995.00 80208V6
2010 Audi Q5 Brooklyn New York2010Audi Q5$19,990.00 92275V6
2009 Audi Q5 Elmhurst New York2009Audi Q5$19,990.00 75894V6
2009 Audi Q5 Valley Stream New York2009Audi Q5$19,290.00 62916V6
2011 Audi Q5 20T Woodside New York2011Audi Q5$15,990.00 75535Inline 4
PhotoYearTruck ModelPriceColorMileageEngine
Viewing listings 91 - 120 of 216
(page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 )

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